Say NO To Alcohol And Opiates


If you are mentally ill you do not have to give up and indulge in alcohol and opiates. It is not a solution to run away from problems and think you are leaving them. They just pile up. We can help you if you have become addicted. When you have a problem, it’s easier to call us and talk about it for free, without having to tell us who you are or where you’re from. You can call us and be anonymous. It’s all up to you. If you have become addicted, we can help you.

Visit the Medical Detox Facility and stay with us for treatment. We provide you with food, comfortable accommodation, and therapies. Family visits and stories will be welcome if you have become one of the addicts. We know that our doctors can help you, and heal you if you are strong enough to do so and if you have a desire to live a different life.

Medical Detox Facility

Get back to a normal life, free of alcohol and opiates. Make yourself proud of yourself again and be able to do the job you enjoy and want. The family will be proud of you because you managed to get used to it and find the right path. The path of happiness and laughter. Be guided by that and respect our doctors who will be happy to help you. Stay with us and help yourself. When it’s all over you have to stay strong and in good spirits so you don’t go back to the old. Say no to alcohol and opiates. Stay a healthy man who is loves life.

You can help yourself if you want to. The Medical Detox Facility offers you everything you need to isolate and heal on time. It can take months and it all depends on your struggle. We will be proud of you when you go outside and when you start breathing differently.