Strategic Plan

GROW•EDC has selected the following strategic plan goals:

Goal 1 - Promote job creation through small business
development and support

Goal 2 - Develop and sustain a local microenterprise training program

Goal 3 - Sponsor small business forums

Other goal possibilities that we are looking at in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce are:

Goal 4 - Develop a canyon-wide tourism marketing plan

Goal 5 - Promoting Monument Peak as a tourist

Goal 6 - Develop integrated canyon "brand" and marketing ads

Goal 7 - Develop and promote a “Shop Locally” campaign

For a Goal to be accepted, it must have a champion on the board of directors and there must be resources allocated to support it.

Annually, the Board of Directors reviews the strategic goal list to confirm, for each goal, its validity and status and entertains the addition of goals that fit within the function and capacity of the organization.