North Santiam Trail System

The North Santiam Canyon is rich in natural features, recreational opportunities and cultural resources set against the scenic backdrop of the North Santiam River, Little North Santiam River and Detroit Lake

Public support for locally accessible multi-use trails has driven trail development efforts over the last several decades. In 2004, the NSCEDC received grant funds to complete a comprehensive trail system plan.

Throughout the planning process, every effort was made to obtain input from the public to address concerns, designing a trail system that would be sensitive to the needs and desires of both adjacent landowners and user groups. The result is a canyon-wide trail system to provide a safer non-motorized travel alternative to State Highway 22, connecting the Canyon communities and the outstanding natural, recreational and cultural features. Interest in this trail system has been kept alive by the project's potential to improve community quality of life, increase recreation and heritage opportunities, and promote economic growth and diversity.

What’s Happening Now?

Currently, the NSCEDC and Marion County have received grants through Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to construct a trail linking Packsaddle and Niagara Parks. The county is currently reviewing the title search on the proposed property, but there have been delays incurred during this process postponing further action.

So now what?

Get involved! There are many other trail opportunities that can be pursued.


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North Santiam Trail System