How Does GROW Work?

GROW North Santiam is a locally-driven, locally-supported economic development model. It focuses on people, not on financial aid or traditional training programs. It enhances, but does not duplicate, other existing efforts.

The GROW model:

  • Assesses personal commitment to a business idea before assessing that idea’s business viability.
  • Empowers entrepreneurs to take that idea from a passionate dream to practical reality through proper management.
  • Teaches business owners the importance of team building to balance the three equally vital aspects of successful business management: product, marketing, and finance.
  • Encourages local expansion and retention rather than recruitment of outside businesses by capturing and enhancing the unique skills and passions of local people, creating a variety of local businesses with deep roots in the community.
  • Relies on entrepreneurs’ own internal motivation and creates a “ripple effect” of excitement about the possibilities for local entrepreneurship.
  • Brings together a diverse group of community leaders whose sole purpose is to advance entrepreneurship and strengthen local businesses.

Resource Board

The 50+ member local resource board meets regularly with the sole purpose of brainstorming ideas and sharing their networks of resources on behalf of GROW clients.

Thanks to the GROW North Santiam program that follows the Enterprise Facilitation model, I've learned about how a successful entrepreneur operates: one must establish their trinity of management so that while they take care of their product or service, they also have skilled team members in place to handle the marketing and financial aspects of their business.
- Nicole Miller, Words Out PR